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My allergies were awful, and I had mild sinus infections, and sinus headaches. Most days, it felt like someone was crushing my eyes. About one year ago, I read about acupuncture. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it works by improving the flow of energy, or "Qi," (pronounced "chee") through your body. Research shows that it prompts your body to release chemicals that can ease pain and inflammation.

I don't like needles, but nothing else was helping, so I decided to try it. While I laid on my back, the Regina put needles in my face and hands. I didn't notice many of them. At most, I felt a quick pinch.

I immediately felt relaxed. After six sessions, the pressure in my head eased, and my allergies and asthma started to subside. It is my great experience.                           - Chou S.


I went to see Regina after I was diagnosed asthma. Before visiting her, I had been experienced 7 months of coughing, and lots of yucky phlegm. I tried so many things for chronic asthma but were not very helpful very much.

My supervisor recommends me to visit Regina as was receiving treatment for her allergy and felt great improvement. I received 6 weeks of acupuncture together acupressure treatment at Regina's clinic. Now, I have virtually eliminated all my symptoms.

I would recommend Regina to anyone with asthma.                           - Lee L.


Dr. Xia and her staff have helped me relax and recover from my daily worries and anxiety. In 2014 I suffered from severe back ache as a result of bad posture combined with inflexible shoulder muscles which I tend to flex while I am in stress.

My shoulders and back were always tightly wound up after a long week. It is amazing how we store our stress in our shoulders. Like camels store water in their humps. Eventually it creates big imbalances, and a muscle snaps the way an elastic breaks when stretched beyond a point. Dr. Xia and her highly skilled staff would quickly drain out all my stress, make me fresh and as good as new.
My wife and myself have been visiting Dr. Xia's clinic for more than a year now. Both of us want to keep coming back and look forward every week for our massage and relaxed time.                           - Siddharth K.

Back Pain

I highly recommend Health Tune-Up as a viable treatment for back pain.  [No more pills!]

Dr. Xia was very patient with me and listened to the problems I was having with neck, shoulder and back pain.  She recommended a steady regimen of acupuncture and acupressure treatments over the course of a couple of months.  

All of the acupressure therapists at her practice are very professional and always ask what is my preferred pressure level before each session.  They are also very good at what they do and understand the problem spots that need the most attention.  

As I was suffering from chronic muscular pains, it took several sessions, but I am happy with the progress I have made with her help.  My neck, shoulder and back pains are minimal to none after over a dozen sessions.  

To top it off, I came in for my back treatment after a 100 km bike ride on the weekend and explained the pain in my legs.  She recommended a few sessions of treatment for my legs, which helped me recover very quickly.  I think I'll be planning a visit before and after long bike rides from now on.                          - Divies T..

I received a needle treatment from Dr. Yale Sun for my back pain and he was thoroughly professional throughout the process. In the first meeting he took some time to understand areas that needed help and built up my treatment accordingly. I was able to capitalize on my health insurance plan for this treatment and Dr. Sun guided me on the same. My pain has significantly reduced after the treatment and I would highly recommend this service to everyone in need for it.                          - Tulika S.

I'm a 26-30 years old working professional, considered 'young' in terms of seeking traditional Chinese medicine treatment and acupuncture. I used to think that getting Chinese medicine and acupuncture is what my mom's generation would do until I realized that I was wrong. I was a business consultant and used to travel both nationally and internationally as my regular schedule. Constantly being in a car or cramped in a plane brought me back pains starting fall 2015. I'm a typical young person who doesn't take these types of problem as a big deal and keep procrastinating for treatment until it started bothering me during work every day. I did some research and realized that the only options available generally are painkillers or a back surgery, neither I wanted. One colleague of mine recommended me Health Tune-Up which I seriously doubted at the beginning, wondering if massage can be a real treatment (turns out to be an absolute yes!). My husband has serious neck and shoulder pains and he volunteered to join me. Now I'm taking him there every week (3 times a week) and introducing them to our friends for who have similar problems. Can't believe it has been over 6 months now that I'm with them.

If you're seeking fast recovery and immediate effect, this is not the place for you. For my situation, my back pains were on and off, so originally I didn't stick to my treatment plan. It was really after my pains got worse and I started to comply with what Dr's says that I feel the real change. So my advice to everyone who's going is:

  1. Trust your Dr that they'll give you proper treatment
  2. Stick to your treatment schedule to get the best result out of each session.
  3. Chinese medicine is not a magic, so keep the right mindset of treating your body like maintaining a car. 

Dr. Xia and her staff are super professional all the time. They try their best to accommodate all  my personal needs. The facility is super clean and everyone can choose either your own room or a family room. The music is pretty soothing and I can relax and fall asleep easily every time.                          - Grace W.

I was referred to Dr. Xia by a friend who is a health care professional and has been treated by her for many years.  I have seen Dr. Xia for the past month for acute lower back pain. This is my first experience with acupuncture and it has been extremely positive and worthwhile. The acupuncture and massage treatments are very effective in decreasing pain and increasing functionality and mobility.  Dr. Xia is highly professional, skilled and caring.  The massage therapists are excellent and the office is immaculate and comfortable.  I whole-heartedly recommend this medical practice for anyone in need of high quality acupuncture and massage services.                          - Stephen F.

I was introduced by a friend to Health Tune up, and I have been impressed ever since. Dr. Xin and her staff are amazing and attentive. The place is clean, and the staff is professional and punctual. I had a back ache which is gone, thanks to her treatment and persistence. I highly recommend Health Tune up services to anyone who wants results and a friendly face all the time.                          - Masood K.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Like most people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome (or wrist and elbow pain), when you came to visit an acupuncturist, your first question was probably, "Does this program work?" I understand completely. If I were in your shoes, I would be asking the same question.

I have had carpal tunnel for 15 years. I've had cortisone shots in each wrist. I have worn the wrist bands religiously whenever I sat at the computer. I wore wrist bands when I slept. Then one morning I couldn't even touch the key board. It was that extreme. I thought this was the end as I'm a professional writer and could no longer do my writing. I'm used to four hours of writing at a time.

My friend introduced me to Regina and I visited her clinic. I began to fell the improvement after first two visits. For a month of treatment, I was able to go back to the keyboard right away. Now I tell everyone about acupuncture. It's great.                          - Bouissou M.

I was a senior software engineer. Two years ago, I first felt the numbness and occasional tingles associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. The only advice I received from people was to wear a brace, and eventually get surgery. To lessen the damage I was apparently doing to myself, I typed as little as possible. I felt that the life I had come to enjoy was over.

Not wanting to undergo surgery, I started receiving chiropractic treatments for my condition. I did feel better and was able to resume my normal activities for short lengths of time. However, after a year, my hands got worse (to the point of pain) and I could barely sign my name! I went for three more treatments and decided that this was not the path to healing for me.

I was miserable, and very desperate. My brother knew Regina, an acupuncturist in Sunnyvale. He received treatment from for back pain. So he brought me to visit Regina for acupuncture treatment. I have found this method to be the most effective one. I felt noticeable results within a couple of days, and stuck with the one section of treatment program. The result is amazing. Now I can back to work and type normally. I can also play guitar almost daily now. I'm very thankful that this therapy is covered by my insurance as well. It put me back on the track to a normal and active life.                          - Low B.

Chronic Pain

I tried so many things for chronic pain that lasted more than years.....codeine, morphine, MRI, CAT scan, considered orthopedic surgery to 'explore', saw physiatrist, neurologist, etc. Regina helped me with acupuncture treatments and herbs in about 3 months. Now I get a health tune-up every week. Thanks, Regina!                          - Richardson P.


When I have been in the early stages of a cold, Regina has treated me and collapsed the cold to be short and mild. It is a great relief to know the misery of a cold, that used to seem inevitable, can -- with Regina's special acupuncture treatments -- be derailed and I can get back to an active life.                          - Howard S.

Digestive Disorders

When I began acupuncture, I had an open mind. I also had terrible digestive disorders. Through a regular schedule of acupuncture and herbal therapy, the pain and discomfort that was a daily occurrence in my life, is now just a memory. Regina has a holistic and realistic approach to wellness. I believe that her style of care allowed my body to heal itself. Receiving acupuncture is a commitment I made to myself to realize how well I could be. Not only did it release and direct my body's healing energy, it also helped me to feel a sense of partnership with Regina, a feeling I have rarely had with health care providers. This experience has dramatically improved my life. Thank you!                           - Mello K.


Symptoms of fatigue and weakness had set in my body from overwork and embodiment of emotional stress. I experienced profound response to my acupuncture treatments and herbs and my health improved drastically.

Regina's compassion and patience toward my condition and her understanding of Chinese medicine restored my energy (Qi) and brought about a greater awareness of creating balance between yin and Yang in my life. I continue to incorporate all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a preventative measure and continue to reap great rewards in terms of my health, mental attitude and emotional well being.                           - Dabrowski S.

I came to Health Tune-up complaining of extreme fatigue that had been ongoing for a long time and had been getting worse over time. From the moment I entered Regina's care, I felt I was working with a true professional. No only is she obviously knowledgeable about acupuncture, but she knows and can explain to you in lay terms how your body works in relation to Chinese medical techniques and practices. Over the 12 weeks I was in her care, I saw steady improvement in my energy level to the point where I felt fully functional by the time we terminated treatment. I would and have recommended others to this healing modality and most specifically to Regina. I'm very grateful for her thorough, kind, caring and educated approach to healing.                           - Brown A.

For five years, I had chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, photo sensitivity, and hyperacusis (hypersensitivity to sounds). I was weak and extremely tired and I couldn't concentrate on work. I tried every kind of traditional Western doctor and drugs. Once I began my acupuncture treatments, my sleep disorder was reversed in two weeks! Each treatment gave immediate relief from the other symptoms: after each treatment I feel all stress & tension go away, I'm more energized, I can concentrate better at work. Now, my chronic tiredness has improved dramatically & acupuncture was the only thing that permitted my condition to improve & it's especially impressive to me that it worked.

People new to acupuncture should try to be relaxed during treatment and be patient and allow enough treatments to give it a chance to work.                          - Flanagan R.


I had been diagnosed with Hives and had been suffering for about 5 years. The hives were getting progressively worse, both in quantity and covering larger areas. My "western medicine" doctors tried many different types of medication including thyroid medication, antidepressant medication and just about every antihistamine (most of these pills taken at the same time!), and nothing seemed to work. I knew this could not go on much longer.

I called Health Tune-up to see if they thought they could help my condition. They told me that they thought that they could and I am happy to say that not only did they help me, but they were also very professional and caring in the process.

I am so convinced that they paved my road to recovery, that now both my wife and 4 year old daughter are patients for any almost every condition that ails us! Thank Mrs. Xia for all your help!                           - Torre M.

I had Urticaria problem of urticaria for about 15 years and it used to keep coming every few years. I had tried anti-allergy medicines, synthetic diets, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, everything else but nothing helped me much in the long run.

After visiting Regina Xia for about one month, I have notice a significant improvement in my eruptions of Urticaria. I do have the occasionally flare up, but it certainly is not as bad as it was in the past, nor does it last as long. I am sleeping better through the night as well, which is great for my overall well being. I am happy with the results of acupuncture and herbal treatment and thankful to Regina Xia.                           - Otani L.

Insomnia & Hot Flashes

I came to visit Dr. Yale Sun in  Health Tune -up few months ago. My goal at then was to treat the insomnia and hot flashes. Dr Yale Sun measured my pause and asked few questions then he started the needle treatment. I am able to go to sleep on time without waking up in the middle of night after his treatments. 

Few weeks ago, I had terrible stomach problem, and I visited Dr Regina Xia.  Dr. Xia did needle treatment on me, and she told me to stay away from greasy food till I am complete well. Dr Xia  is extremely nice and gentle, her caring manner deeply touches me, so I was willing to drive to visit her in the office located in Arques once in a weekly till my stomach problem completely gone.

Health Tune up office is well decorated, and it is very clean and neat. Its staff are very nice and friendly. I really enjoy good calming environment  and nice soothing music while I was there. 

I highly recommend Health Tune - Up                          - Snclemen C.


My husband and I can't thank you enough for your care and support in helping us make our dream come true. You were with us all the way through this journey and we will always be thankful for your skill and dedication. Thank you very much!                           - Ahlers K.


I've suffered from migraine headaches for 30 years and have tried all sorts of medications that have been only partially effective. However, with acupuncture and acupressure, I have had very effective (sometimes within minutes) relief from migraine pain. I don't fully understand how it works, but for relief of pain I highly recommend it.                          - Kincaid C.

I was getting at least one migraine every week when I first went to Regina Xia for treatment. Her acupuncture sessions, acupressure therapy, herbal combinations and dietary advice have played a major role in reducing headache incidents to an average of one a month. Though I have since learned to avoid certain migraine triggers, and have added a B2 supplement to my anti-migraine regimen, I credit my work with Regina for the largest part of my improvement as it was under her care that I first saw a reduction in headache frequency.

Regina is thorough, knowledgeable and well-organized in her approach to healing. She's a great listener, too, and in my experience that's an all-important quality in a health care practitioner. Her attitude is one of respect, and her professional goal is very obviously to reinforce my body's efforts to heal and balance itself. I recommend her to all my friends.                           - Watts B.

Multiple Sclerosis

I initially sought treatment from another acupuncturist. After several months of seeing little to no results, I made an appointment with Regina. A co-worker of mine had been seeing Regina for several months and insisted I give her a try. After my first treatment, many of the symptoms associated with the chronic illness I have been coping with since 1988, had subsided. The results continue to date and I have every intention on continuing treatment with Regina. She is a very wise professional that is really a pleasure to work with. I owe my co-worker and Regina a HUGE "thank you".                           - Harper A.

Neck Pain

I've suffered from chronic neck pain for many years. Since all my previous treatments didn't seem to help, I decided to try acupuncture. After a few treatments with Regina, I began to feel better. I continued to see her for several months. My neck pain has diminished; I have more energy and a more positive outlook toward my health and well being. I not only like Regina's holistic approach, but her gentle and caring nature with a keen ear for listening. I was extremely afraid of needles and now I look forward to my treatments! Thanks Regina!                           - Pham A.

Regina has continued to treat me for my stiff neck pain, back pain and the most bothersome of all, restless leg syndrome. This has really helped to ease considerably the misery of waking up in the middle of the night, having to stomp around the house to promote circulation. It has enabled me to sleep through the night several times! Or at least made it easier to relieve the 'restless legs' so that I can more easily fall back to sleep.                           - Lee S.

I've been coming to health tune up for about three months. I really like it. The clinic is very clean and staff are very professional. Dr. Xia is very patient and knowledgable. I've received acupuncture treatments from Dr. Xia regarding my neck stiffness, shoulder/back pain, and the result is great! Also I had a fracture in lumbar (spine) earlier this year, Dr. Xia has been teaching me physical therapy gestures so that I can practice by myself at home. She is also very professional and keeps record of each patient, so that she knows everyone's condition really well. I would definitely recommend health tune up!                           - Fei L.

Palpitation (Atrial Fibrillation)

My mother, in her 60s, has some serious Arrhythmia (heartbeat irregularity) due to her chemotherapy years ago. She has been using various medicines to control it and result was so so and sometimes condition gets worse. We were referred to Dr.Xia for some acupuncture treatment and initially we were not sure how much it would help. Surprisingly after regular treatments of 1.5 months, her symptom is TOTALLY gone. My mother stays healthy and can confidently go up half way on Mission Peak with us.

We were so impressed and we now also regularly visit Health Tune-up to address our own work-related back pains and sport injuries. Both Dr. Xia and Dr. Sun are very professional and friendly. So are all their staff members. Their schedule is flexible and we never have to wait for long as sometimes with other clinics.
Highly recommend Health Tune-up! Particularly if you have some chronicle syndrome that always bothers you, you may find the good cure here.                          - Y. X.

PMS & Menstrual Cramps

I went to see Health Tune-up when I became fed up with my regular medical doctor's solution to my PMS. Wanting to get the root of the problem, I decided to try acupuncture for the first time. I was surprised and relieved when Regina sat down with me on our first visit and asked me more questions about my health, history and lifestyle than my family doctor of 8 years! She guided me through the process, explained the issues, and told me what to expect during and after the treatments. By the time my next period came, I had no pain or symptoms for the first time ever! I was so excited I told all my friends. It was nothing short of a miracle for me. Her expertise, patience, understanding and genuine concern for my well-being was a refreshing change from traditional medicines.                           - Baker K.


I've been going for treatments for a nasty case of sciatica and Dr. Sun and Dr. Xia have been wonderful. I never thought I could get just quick relief from the pain, but within a few treatments I was feeling much better.  Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable and they really care about you and want to get you to 100%.  I would recommend Health Tune up to anyone - they are all wonderful!  You won't regret it.                          - Sue T..


My husband has had pain from shingles for the past two weeks. Just about three days ago, after my friend's strong recommendation, he went see Regina Xia for acupuncture treatment. In the first 4 treatments, he began to feel a difference. After 5, he is like a new man.

Before visiting Regina, I made many, many calls to a number of doctors and no one could tell me what to do for him for the pain. I truly wish others with shingles would at least try acupuncture. What a big difference!!!

We visit Regina for many other conditions as we truly believe acupuncture is amazing.

Again, 5 treatments later, he walks just fine.                           - Daly L.

I has been suffering from shingles pain for two months following an episode of flu. On a scale of 0-10 where 0 represents no pain at all and 10 represents the worst pain imaginable, my pain was a 10/10. The pain was severe, with a burning sensation, itching, and red raised blisters extending along her left shoulder blade, armpit, breast, and nipple. The pain was worse in the morning and evening. Nothing seemed to relieve it except hot showers, which decreased the stinging itch. My primary care physician prescribed an antiviral medication, which was of no apparent benefit. After that I used Advil daily which was not helpful either. My colleague suggested me to see Mrs. Xia for acupuncture treatment.

After 2 sessions, I felt much more comfortable and began to reduce her Advil use. My pain spiked to 5/10 at its worst times but was gone much of the day. The extremely painful burning was cleared up after 4 sessions, returning only intermittently. The itching decreased more slowly over 8 sessions. The affected area shrank steadily. After 8 sessions she felt well, with only slight itching remaining.

Acupuncture treatment provided me with rapid pain relief in natural ways. I was very satisfied with her acupuncture care.                           - Millena P.

Sinus Problems

During the one year span in which I sought relief from stress and sinus congestion, Regina provided consistent treatments that effectively addressed my ailments. These were administered in a supportive and diligent manner which enabled me to relax both during, and after, our sessions. Consequently I was able to derive extended benefits from her treatments. Thank you, Regina.                           - Lopes S.

Shoulder Pain

Before I came to Dr. Xia's office, I already heard many good words from my friends. As a Chinese, I thought acupuncture is cool but may not be that fast to cure your pain. Until few weeks ago, I had frozen shoulder on my left shoulder. It's been several month starting from limited mobility moving my left arm up straight. It was a little pain but not sever. After my trip to Europe, it went from bad to worst. I couldn't move my left arm much not just pulling upwards but other directions as well. I feel sever pain when I try to toss a tennis ball. I finally decided to give a try at Health Tune-up.

Dr. Xia checked my shoulder carefully and recommended to give me acupuncture with after massage. The massage was not enjoyable because of my stiff muscles. I felt pain after the massage. Then Dr. Xia gave me acupuncture on my left shoulder for 30 min. It was very comfortable and relaxing.

After the first treatment, I was told to come next day to have second treatment.

The second day I came in, it was about the same routine. I can feel my stiff muscles getting soften and the acupuncture was pleasant. The miracle happened on the third day.

I was able to move my left arm with no pain except the minor limitation from several month ago. Wow, I was so surprised and impressed. I felt like 95% healed.

After keep exercising what Dr. Xia taught me in the office. my shoulder is 100% recovered. I can now do pushups and pull ups!!  Thank you very much Dr. Xia !!

You may do tune-ups to your car every year. Why not yourself? Your body is way more important than your car.

I would highly recommend to anyone who has health concern to come to Health Tune-up to get you back to your best shape.                          - Wenxin H.

I recently had my 3rd appointment with Dr. Xia. I was referred here by a co-working but kept putting off making an appointment. My shoulder/arm/wrist pain got so bad that I was having difficulty sleeping and kept my husband up whining about how much pain I was in. I realized the pain wasn't going to get better on its own and I was too young to be in this amount of pain. I made the call the next day. The front desk was very friendly and accommodating and was able to get me in the same day.

My first appointment included an assessment from the doc and then had a very painful (but very much needed) massage. Following this was an acupuncture session with the doctor. Don't worry, you can't feel the needles at all! Or at the most, it was only an instant of a prick. I don't know about others, but it makes the area feel very warm-I was told this was from acupuncture increasing circulation. Regardless of your beliefs on acupuncture or Chinese medicine, I highly recommend this practice as a alternative or even primary approach to pain management. The staff here are very caring and each treatment leaves me feeling better. It can be life changing as just a week ago I was having trouble sleeping and near tears from just the weight of my own arm and shoulder and having difficulty holding things for long periods of time.                          - Jennifer T.


I have more than 35 year smoking history. I do not smoke any more now owe to the acupuncture treatment. The treatments helped a great deal to cope with the withdrawal symptoms associated with the quitting smoking.

I also had breathing and stomach problems which were also treated successfully with acupuncture. Thanks Regina Xia.                           - Yvonee S.

In my early 30s I got serious about quitting due to health problems. My first long term success lasted two years, and I used a self-hypnosis tape. Again, increasing awareness was important. The tape made me realize the many cues I connected with my habit, such as finishing a meal, writing a letter, talking on the phone, etc. Although the tape did help me quit for a while, the hardest part was the extreme irritability and anstiness of the first few weeks. If you've ever quit smoking, you know what I'm talking about! It's as if you can't think of anything else for a while there.

The bad news is that I did start smoking again. I made the choice at that point to not smoke in my home, which helped me smoke less and keep those cues disconnected, at least some of them.

When I decided after a couple of years to quit again I went to an acupuncturist. What a miracle! Of course, I still had to exert my will power not to smoke, but the acupuncture completely erased the irritability and antsiness of those first weeks, so making that minute-by-minute choice became much easier.

Acupuncturists insert fine needles into points along those meridians that affect the energy and thus the associated organ. The needles are so small that they seldom hurt unless the organ is in pretty bad shape.

My acupuncturist used ear points; the ear has points for every meridian in the body. He needled points for my lungs, liver and one associated with addictions. The great thing about ear acupuncture is that he could tape small metal bb's to the points as well that continued to stimulate the organs. I kept these in place for about a week. I repeated this sequence a couple of times, and it really worked!

I haven't smoked in 10+ years now, and I must say that acupuncture really made quitting much easier. I found acupuncture to be a great adjunct to awareness and just plain old will power and would recommend it for anyone. Give it a shot!                          - Badar S.


Pain & Stress Relief at last! I highly recommend Dr. Xia and the amazing staff at Health Tune-up.  I had never been to an acupuncturist for pain related issues. A friend recommended Health Tune-up for a nagging and constant sciatica issue I have been experiencing for more than a year. I had been to my family practice doctor and reputable chiropractors who were helpful in masking the pain but only for a little while.  It would soon reappear.  After only a few visits to the Health Tune-up office, not only has the pain disappeared but Dr. Xia showed me that it actually started in a very different and unrelated area which we treated. I now walk, breath and sleep better than I have in years. I am much more limber as a result, I exercise more often.  Thanks, Dr. Xia and the awesome staff at Health Tune-up!                           - Rodger S.

Throat Infection

Acupuncture cured me when traditional medicine was stumped!

I came to be treated by Regina when I had a throat infection that wouldn't go away. My MD had no idea why my throat was coated with a white film, and prescribed a "catch-all" super-antibiotic. This made my symptoms worse, and the infection dragged on for weeks. After my first acupuncture treatment, my throat began improving in two days. My throat was fine within two and a half weeks. I continued getting monthly treatments because I noticed that the PMS symptoms I'd had all my life vastly improved when I was treated before my period. I highly recommend acupuncture for everyone!                           - Johansen J.

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